Silver Cat Studio  - Turning real flowers into lasting keepsakes
Memory Jewelry Made With Real Flowers 
 All beads are made with real flowers.  Each bead is individually hand rolled, crafted. Each bead is then protected with a double layer baked on gloss finish. No two pieces are exactly identical!  Most bracelet styles, unless otherwise stated, are strung on a heavy elastic cord and measure 7 inches.  (Click on pictures to enlarge.)


Style A Bracelet


                                   Style B Bracelet

Style C Bracelet

                              Style D Bracelet

Joni Style Bracelet

                     Busy 4 Strand Bracelet

April Style Bracelet

                             Coiled Wire Bracelet

Big Bold & Chunky Bracelet

3 Bead Adjustable String Bracelet

Beaded Bangle Bracelet

                                Child's Style Bracelet
                                   Child size $29.95
                                  Adult size $33.95

Wire Weaved Beaded Bangle

Wire Wrapped Beaded Cuff Bracelet

$12.95 each
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