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What to do with your Flowers

Fresh flowers can be kept in the refrigerator for several days before shipping.

The rule of thumb:  2-3 blooms of each color along with a few leaves, if green is desired, will go a long way and make many keepsakes.  There will always be enough left over, in case someone wants to order later on.

If the flowers are fresh:  Cut the blooms off the stems and wrap them gently in some paper towels.  Place them in a padded envelope and mail to the address below.  DO NOT put them in a sealed plastic bag!  The paper towels have a two-fold function, one, they allow the blooms to breathe and two, they help to soak up any moisture.  Sealing them in a plastic bag accelerates the decaying process and we do not want your flowers arriving looking like mush.  This is more prominent in the warmer months, but do not seal fresh flowers in a plastic bag when shipping.

If you prefer to dry the flowers:  Take the petals off the flowers and spread them on some newspaper or paper towels.  Be sure to keep the colors separate and to label them the color they were when fresh.  After 3-5 days, the petals should be dry enough to ship.  Place each color in a small ziploc bag, squeeze the air out of the bag, write the color on the bag and place all the bags into a padded envelope and mail to the address below.

A deposit of 1/2 of the total is due when order is placed.

E-mail for more information and payment options. 

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